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Get ready to succeed in export!

Export is not an easy discipline. There's more to it than a good product... It takes more time and energy than you initially thought... You would like to exchange experiences with fellow entrepreneurs on a regular basis... And, finally, it's just not easy to find the right people for the job...

The Oranjewoud Export Academy offers inspiration and education at a high level! Our experts are all very experienced in export and international sales. For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, that is our motto! And our talentpoule is filled with very ambitious young professionals, determined to become a successful exportmanagers.


Our members share a common ambition: professionalizing export and international sales. A clear focus and an effective organization that comes to results quickly is key. Obviously, this ambition comes with challenges!

Get ready! Being a member of the Oranjewoud Export Academy means facing these challenges and working on continuous improvement of your export- and sales organisation. Your membership is built around your very own business case. We offer an inspiring and high level program with events, dinners and masterclasses where you'll meet experts with a national and international track record.  

And, last but not least, you'll meet our young professionals. We constantly develop  a high level poule of talented young people who have an ambition in export: your future exportmanager could be there!

This membership:

  • Provides access to a regular exportdiagnosis in your company. We will give you structured insight in your export- and sales development.
  • Provides access to our Tables. Meet fellow entrepreneurs and high-level - national and international - experts. Bring in your own specific export- and sales cases and get inspired.
  • Provides access to our exclusive exportdinners at Landgoed Oranjewoud. Here, you will not just meet your fellow entrepreneurs, but also our poule of talented young professionals.
  • Are you looking for a talented young professional in your organisation to bring export to the next level? Do you have a no-brainer business case this young professional can realise? Then join our Export Lab: a tour-of-duty of 1.000 days in which we will support you to realise this business case ánd make sure the young professional turns into an outstanding exportmanager.
  • Provides access to a series of inspiring masterclasses on sales and international market development.
  • Provides access to mentorship and intervision.


  • Our members are organisations in which all preconditions for export are taken care of. Moreover, we want to make sure our services benefit your exportsales development. An intake is therefor part of the procedure. We will provide you with a thorough insight whether your organisation will benefit this membership. 
  • The costs for a membership are € 3.500 annually.
  • Each membership is for a period of 3 years.


Become a member today!