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You’re looking for a job with responsibility, a company where you can constantly develop yourself. You are born to sell and don’t mind travelling every now and then.  


Get ready for your career in international market development!

At the Oranjewoud Export Academy, we have twice a year 8 exclusive places available for exceptional export talents in our Export Lab.

You have to deliver

This is a job not a school. After you get selected by our jury of export managers, we will get you ready for the match with your employer.

One of the SME’s will employ you in an export/sales related function. During the 1.000-days traineeship, you will be responsible to realise revenue growth in a specific product market combination.

It’s up to you to take responsibility, prove your perseverance and show you’re self-reliant.


We kickstart careers

The Academy will be supporting you to become what you are born for: “The best export manager around”.

You will realise new client acquisition, sell across the globe and building and maintaining relations. We are there to teach you how. In our Masterclasses we provide strategic focus, structured (online) sales, trade & finance and conversation & negotiation tactics that you can apply in the case you're working on.

You will take responsibility, work with sales targets and travel the world on your own. We are there to support your growth with Personal Development and Mentoring.


We are looking for you, or are you looking for us?

Either way, if you’re ambitious, eager to sell and ready to travel our programme should be up your alley! We don’t mind what you’ve studied, if this is your first job or you’re about to make a career change.

We care about your character, perseverance, commercial drive and entrepreneurial mindset. We require you have a degree from a vocational or higher education (mbo, hbo, wo) and are able to speak at least English on a professional level.



Export is not for everyone and we are not for everyone, so you can’t just sign up for the Academy’s Export Lab. You can send us your motivation and we will invite you for an intake to manage expectations. Two things could happen; either we jointly conclude that it’s not going to work, or decide that you really should finalise your application.

It’s up to the jury of export managers on our selection day what happens next. If they decide that you are one of them, you’re ready for Bootcamp. Five intense masterclasses follow. These will prepare you for the matching with your future employer and the start of your career. Want to know more about the proces?

Since the company that employs you will seriously invest in you (full time salary & 3 year training) we ask you to make a small investment (€475) in yourself.