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Get ready to become an export manager!

You do not become an export manager. You are an export manager. We are looking for young talents with the right character!  Talents in our pool are constantly curious for the unknown and have an endless perseverance; they have an obvious commercial drive and a winning mentality!

You going to need that character if you want to succeed in export. It’s not just an exciting and adventurous profession in which you develop new markets across the globe, building and maintaining relationships and coping with a variety of cultures…

It also means to sleep in shitty hotels, planes, trains and in the back of an Uber.

The movie below gives an impression of what you can expect! Become an export manager? Click here!

Do you still believe this is your dream job??

At the Oranjewoud Export Academy, we have twice a year 5 exclusive places available for exceptional export talents in our Export Lab. In a 1.000-days traineeship, combining theory and practice, you’ll be responsible for realising export in a real company in the northern part of the Netherlands. You’ll be coached, taught and trained by (inter)national experts with tremendous track records.

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Export is not for everyone and we are not for everyone, so you can’t just sign up for the Academy’s Export Lab. Either you’ll get invited by one of our scouts or you’ve convinced us of your qualities in a letter. The selection process starts with the Voice of Export, a day packed with work, pitch training and the opportunity to convince our jury of export managers why you should be selected. If you get selected, you will attend 6 masterclasses in the weeks after to prepare you for your 1.000-days Tour of Duty.

The selection process starts from each September and April.

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Curious to get an impression of our selection day?