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If you think that export stands for 'enjoyable trips, nice pics on your instagram and seeing the world at the boss's expenses' then you'd better quit reading. We’re not joking!

If you’re a go-getter, have the guts to represent an organisation at the frontline and have an unquestionable commercial drive, read on please!

We don’t care if you have just graduated, if you already have a few years of experience, if you want to make a career change or if you are already working within an organisation.

We care about character and dedication. Do you have that? Then you have a chance to participate in one of our programmes.


Check the vacancy!


Do you want to be an exportmanager and develop a new market in 1.000 days?

You can, in our Export Lab! But make no mistake, this is not a school and a bit different than the usual traineeship. Joining the Lab means:

  • A full-time paid job in a Northern Netherlands SME company
  • An education which brings your daily activities to the next level
  • Developing a (new) foreign market for this company
  • Being responsible for systematically acquire new customers
  • Being responsible to continue to develop yourself through training, master classes and mentoring
  • Realising revenue from sales abroad will be your goal
  • Learn how to structurally develop a new market; a skill that you can repeat endlessly!

Sound really cool, right? We think so too. But you really have to bring your A game to participate in this programme.


It is not for everyone

Our selection is slightly different than you might be used to, but then again, we also offer something slightly different.


Tell me about selection


I already have a job?!



Whether you enter from our selection or directly from your existing employment into our Export Lab, we do have something to offer!

Additionally, to the business case process between you and you employer, the Export Lab contains 40 master classes, personal development, sales reporting, storytelling, events, a young professional membership and all this with the daily support of (inter)national experts, entrepreneurs and mentors. From day one you will be part of a network that you probably wouldn't be able to build up independently in the next 10 years.

Want to know more about the Export Lab? Just click on the button below.


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