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Looking for a spark in your career? Want to combine your passion for high-tech instruments with your talent for international sales? Do you have the drive to learn on-the-job, keep pushing yourself to grow as a person and professional?

You might read on then and see if your fit for this opportunity.


SPARK Holland

Spark Holland is more than an expert in liquid handling and sample preparation. We understand that it takes more than only technology to make our customers solution a success. Therefore, we support them during every stage of their product’s lifecycle.

With over 40 years of experience and continuous innovation we are a big player in the world of analytical systems for laboratories. For example our machines where used during the last Olympic Games for anti-doping control. Coca Cola is also using our analytical machines we developed in Emmen.


Oranjewoud Export Academy

The Export Lab is a 3-years on-the-job educational program to boost you international sales career. Both you and your employer will get support on defining, entering and developing an international market on a strategic, tactic and operational level. With masterclasses, training, experience, mentoring, personal development and peer to peer learning we enable you to grow into an independent operating export manager for a small- or medium sized business from the Northern Netherlands. We are not a school, so no grading or tests. Instead, you will bring in new customers and make sales in complex markets.


What we expect from you

You are going to create opportunities in the East Asian market. Selling our company and trust before you sell our products. That means generating revenue through strong relationship management. You will be the linking pin between the customer and our internal organization. The CEO will personally guide you.

We expect commitment, persistence, international experience, a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a learning attitude.

Additionally, we are looking for:

  • Someone who speaks Mandarin on a professional level
  • A study/background in Analytical Chemistry, Biology our Technical Business will be helpful
  • Affinity with engineering/ mechanical science is a must


What you can expect from us

You will be employed by SPARK Holland. They will invest €35.000,- in your development through this program on top of your full-time salary.

You will get a tremendous responsibility in this job from the first day. You will be active in strategy, to planning and execution. Really taking a leap in your career.

It doesn’t end there. You are joining a great team of colleagues from SPARK. Additionally you become part of a complementary support network of trainers, experienced entrepreneurs and other young international sales professionals though the Academy.


Excited? Let us know!

Send us your motivation and we invite you for an intake to manage expectations. Two things could happen; either we jointly conclude that it’s not going to work or decide that you really should continue your application!




Contact bram.kruijt@oranjewoudacademy.com | +31 6 57 59 39 93 |

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